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Marine Knowledge Hub


Marine Knowledge Hub was developed under the Knowledge Management of National Marine Interest Project funded by Thailand Research Fund. The main objective is to establish a network of data and information related to maritime activities and marine resources in Thailand via the internet. This hub provides not only onsite information collection but also a linkage to other websites with marine data and information. This is to ensure that updated data and information are available for the public. At present MKH is supported by Sub-committee on the Knowledge Management for the National Marine Interest, National Security Council.



  • To gather data and information available in the past and present for assessment of marine resources and their uses;
  • To promote the application of existing information to assess the state of marine resources and their uses;
  • To promote the science policy interface for sustainable management of marine and coastal resources for maximum benefits of the country;
  • To establish networks of organizations and experts in the field of marine and coastal resources management;
  • To support the works of Sub-Committee on
  • To promote public education on oceans and seas.
  • Government agencies
  • Academic institution
  • NGOs


Sources of information

Groups of information

  • Maritime related laws and regulations
  • International agreements
  • Marine resources
  • Marine resources utilization and activities
  • Marine Environment
  • Marine Protected areas
  • Provincial data


Types of information

  • Descriptive information
  • Statistical data
  • Geographical Information


Target Groups

  • General public
  • Academics
  • Government officials
  • Private sector
  • Decision makers









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